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A space for Muslims to share and connect with each other, and show the beauty and vibrancy of the Islamic faith.
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Redefining Social Media

We believe that social media should not be a platform for divisive content, but instead should be a place to connect and build relationships, while also inspiring and encouraging users to do good.

Our Mission

To unite and connect the 1.9 billion and growing Muslim community, creating a platform to share meaningful experiences and knowledge.

Our Vision

To foster a global Muslim community that is connected, informed, and empowered to make positive change in the world.


Introducing the Umma App

Connect 1.9B Muslims globally! Video, voice & text chat, posts & videos, interactive maps, projects to raise awareness & give, news. Discover Umma's features!

Where people can connect, stay safe and grow together.

Umma gives you the freedom to scroll through feeds without worrying about what you'll encounter on a platform. All content is guaranteed to be halal, providing a safe space where people can connect, share and grow together.

Watch & support your favorite content creators.

Umma Watch is a short-video sharing and discovery platform. You can follow your favorite cheikh, cooking show, or content creator and show your support by liking, sharing, and even donating to your favorite content creator.

Discover what the community has to offer.

With our Muslim map, you can discover your local masjid, halal restaurants and community-owned businesses. It's easy to get to know your community, and it's even easier to support your own community by discovering all that it has to offer.

Stay Connected with Direct Messaging.

Get notified and never miss a prayer.

Access the Quran and Sunnah at your fingertips!

I love the security of chatty, me and my friends can talk knowing no one’s reading our messages.
Rediscover the joy of connecting with family and friends and be part of a positive, inspiring community.
I love the security of chatty, me and my friends can talk knowing no one’s reading our messages.

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